What’s your return policy?
100% satisfaction guaranteed. Scottsdale AZ Carpet and Tile Cleaners will come back and reclean any areas within 30 days.
Will all stains come out?
Stain removal depends on a lot of different factors. Black, oily, and dirt stains will come out. However, dyes and other colored stains have a lower probability of removal. Ask Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner during pre-inspection what are the chances of stains being removed.
Do you move furniture?
Due to insurance purposes, Scottsdale AZ Carpet and Tile Cleaner does not move furniture. Small items will be slid and cleaned behind, but larger items will not be moved.
How often should carpet be cleaned?
Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner and major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned at least once per year. Other factors including pets, children, number of people, etc. may require more frequent carpet and tile cleaning.
How long does it take for carpet and tile to dry?
Depends on the type of carpet, weather conditions, number of fans, etc. but Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner will have your floors dry within 5-24 hours. Tile floors are towel dried immediately.
Will pet stains come out?
Pardon the pun, but pet stains are a crap-shoot and depend on age, chemistry of urine, medications, etc. Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner will do all in their power to remove pet stains to the best of their ability.
How can I keep my floors cleaner, longer?
Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner recommends that all floors and mats be vacuumed 2-3 times/week. Don't wear shoes in the house and instead wear socks or slippers. Avoid spills and if they do happen call Scottsdale AZ Carpet Cleaner immediately before treating.