10 Ideas for Preparing for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

It has been a while since you hired an Arizona carpet cleaner. A spouse, three kids, a dog, and a cat can really challenge a carpet and boy can your carpets use a good cleaning. Like in most jobs preparation can determine the speed and outcome of the experience. You have vetted your carpet cleaner and you know you have hired one of the best in the city. These are some tricks of the trade to get the maximum benefit of your carpet cleaning.

Leave a parking spot in the driveway.

  • The reason for this is that it helps shorten the run of hoses into the house. It also keeps the hoses out of your landscaping and prevents any damage to your grass due to the heat of the hose. The tech will also save a lot of time going to and from the truck.

Dust and vacuum first

  • Starting with the top such as fans, furniture, etc. move to the baseboards and try to dust as much as you can. Once you complete dusting, vacuum any dirt and particles remaining.

Remove breakable and/or valuable belongings

  • Antiques, expensive furniture, money, jewelry, any of these items of value should be placed into a secured location. This is not to say that carpet cleaners are thieves, but when cleaning carpets things can happen. Once while cleaning a cat was scared and knocked over jewelry from a dresser which was difficult to find. Securing items like these can eliminate potential problems. Personal clothing, toys, etc. should also be picked up. Floors should be free of debris. Carpet cleaners are there to clean carpets, not pick up personal items.

Moving furniture

  • Due to insurance purposes, most companies will not move heavy pieces of furniture including beds, entertainment centers, electronic equipment, china cabinets, etc. Typically, large furniture is just cleaned around. However, if you must have large pieces cleaned behind, the rule of thumb is “do not move furniture more than you have to.” For example, you have a dresser in the bedroom 4 feet long and 1 foot wide against a wall. You and another person will move the dresser approximately 16 inches behind the wall. They will vacuum and clean behind it and the furniture can then be moved back with foam blocks put underneath. This is the safest and most efficient way to move furniture during a carpet cleaner. Be sure to speak with your carpet cleaner before the job if any pieces need to be moved.

Light makes right

  • Get as much light into a room as possible. Lighting is very important when cleaning a carpet so when your Scottsdale AZ carpet cleaner enters your property be sure to turn on all lights, open all blinds, and get as much light into each room as possible. Proper lighting ensures that rooms are cleaned to their maximum potential. Stains and other problem areas will be easily spotted and treated.

Secure pets and children

  • Your door will be open during you carpet cleaning to allow the hoses to come in. Animals, especially cats, who seem to sense that something is going to happen in their home will instinctually hide. So before you start moving stuff around and upsetting the environment of your cat and/or dog, we suggest you secure animals in a tiled room with food, water, litterbox, etc. I have personally had to search for hours to look for perceived missing cats. Clients swore that the cat had run out of the house, only to be discovered later. Cats are excellent hiders and I have found them in box springs, atop of a on a ten foot dresser, inside of a recliner, etc. As for dogs, they can typically be placed outside. This is one less thing for everyone to worry about. Secured dogs will be out of the way and will ensure that carpet cleaners can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Lastly, children should be secured as well. Hoses are extremely hot and could be dangerous for people, children, and animals. It is very difficult to clean a home while constantly having to watch for people and pets. Be sure to secure all loved ones so that your carpets can be cleaned safely and effectively.

Pin up drapes and curtains

  • Pinning up drapes and curtains using a rubber band or large paperclip will allow techs to clean underneath them without the worry of damage, getting them wet, etc.

Give em’ the tour   

  • No one knows your home/carpeted area better than you. The pre-cleaning inspection you take with your tech is the time to point out areas of concern. Maybe it is an area where your pet has soiled multiple times or a stain from a party. Not all stains are apparent, but you as a home owner is well acquainted with all aspects of your flooring. Ask your Scottsdale carpet cleaner what is possible to be removed. They will be able to provide you with honest feedback of expectations for your carpets.

Get it dry

  • Depending on the type of carpet, how dirty the carpet is, etc. everyone is concerned about how fast can get their carpets dry. What does get your carpets dried more quickly is turning on all overhead ceiling fans, opening all windows (if the weather is nice) to all a nice cross breeze, turning the air on can also eliminate moisture, also turn on any portable fans. Air movement is key and can cut the drying time to over half!

Tip the tech

  • Now I realize that you negotiated the price and is something that people do once or twice per year. However, tipping the tech a few bucks before the cleaning can go a long way. This will ensure that the tech will go the extra mile for you. Moving furniture, cleaning behind hard to reach places, etc. will be much easier to ask when the tech is happy due to a tip. As an owner, I have noticed that techs put in more effort when their lunch was paid for. It’s human nature after all! Your carpet is a big investment, carpet cleaning is something done once or twice per year, so a small tip can be a huge motivator and will ensure your tech works extra hard for you.

Follow these ten rules before your next carpet cleaning to ensure an optimal cleaning!

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